Use Inkscape To Align SVG to Top-Left Of Canvas

I have an SVG which has bbox of something like

SVGRect {x: 236.92999267578125, y: 99.98999786376953, width: 121.48001098632812, height: 224.70001220703125}

How can I use Inkscape to position the graphic to the top left of the canvas so that the x & y values above are zero.

Edit: I have figured out using the align & distribute panel. However, inkscape is applying transformation & not actually changing the path co-ordinates, which is what I actually want.
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— EDIT —
As per @Scribblemacher’s request, here is a sample.

I want this:

<g transform=(-10, -10)>
  <path d="M329.66,99.99l22.1,4c0,0-14.5,52.9-2.1,51.6c0,0-11.7,72.7-10,83.7

to be converted into this:

  <path d="M319.66,88.99l22.1,4c0,0-14.5,52.9-2.1,51.6c0,0-11.7,72.7-10,83.7

In other words, the transformation should be mapped onto the individual paths of the group, the actual co-ordinates of the path. The above ‘M329.66,88.99’ becomes ‘M319.66,99.99’. Hope that makes sense.


If I understand the problem, there are several ways to do this:

  • Enable the “Snap to page border” snapping option, then just drag the object towards the corner
  • With the object selected, you can manually set the X and Y coordinates from the toolbar
  • With the object selected, press Ctrl+Shift+X to open the XML editor and change the X and Y manually

Source : Link , Question Author : Kayote , Answer Author : Scribblemacher

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