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Im putting together a portfolio site and have come across something that i would like to implement, but im unsure of how i can set around doing it.

Basically as the site stands now (in development) the user never has (or will have) to access wp-admin to change any of their details, they can do that via a user-profile page.

Each user has a portfolio/bio page with a comments form at the bottom, what im wanting to do is make it so that any comments left on this bio page are moderated by that pages owner, ie perfect solution would be:

1) Bio page owner is notified via email that they have a new comment.

2) Bio page owner logs in and goes to user-profile page to review and then accept/decline comment, upon accepting it is then published.

Anyone have any previous experience in this, or know of a working site/plugin that i could take a look at, or just any general advice on what im trying to do.

Best regards

This plugin is great for fine tuned control of content. I have not, however, tried what you are requesting. So I can only suggest it as something to look into…. I’m not sure if it gives such fine tuned control over comments….

Source : Link , Question Author : MartinJJ , Answer Author : Rev. Voodoo

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