Using Adobe Illustrator without “hand” drawing skills

I work on Photoshop for over 4 years for web design and user interface purposes but I’m thinking of starting learning Illustrator because most of design jobs now require illustrator skills beside Photoshop.

The problem is that I suck at drawing and I’m wondering what kind of stuff can I craft in illustrator in this situation, and what benefits I can get from using it?

otherwise, does it require any drawing skills? should I start learning or not?


re: drawing skills…start drawing. Get a pencil, paper and draw every day.

As for illustrator, it’s like asking if PhotoShop is useful if you can’t take photos. Of course it is. Having illustration skills will help, but just like practicing your drawing, you’ll be practicing Illustrator and you’ll grow your skills there too.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rick , Answer Author : DA01

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