Using Mask to trace transparent space inside Text

I have a text which has transparent space in it. I wanted to trace that space in order to use it as a clipping mask for an image.

enter image description here

I selected the space using magic wand. I some how did something and converted the selection into a visible filled space in a new layer.

enter image description here

I’m not able to do it again because ‘Apply Layer Mask’ is disabled right now; I don’t know why.

Could someone help me out how to accomplish this?
Thanks in advance.


This answer is an alternative to Vicki’s method

You can select the inner spaces, then convert the selection to a mask.

  1. Add the image you want to mask and the text layer to PS.

PS img and txt

  1. Select the inner transparancy in the text with magic wand. (You can also ctrl-click the layer thumbnail in the layers panel, then invert the selection and remove the outer transparency from the selection)

select inner transparency

  1. Now select your image and click ‘Add layer mask’.

add layer mask

  1. optional: hide the text layer

hide layer

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : PieBie

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