Using Photoshop Effects in Illustrator CS6

I am well versed with Photoshop and how it works. But recently, I decided to make a poster for my home and for that I’ll have to use Illustrator so I need some help from you guys along the way.

Illustrator CS6 has some Photoshop effects included by default in its filters. After applying a “Photoshop” effect (in this case, the cutout artistic effect), will the output be vector because it was made in Illustrator? If not, then how can I go ahead and make it vector?


No, they are not vector. They are raster and remain raster.

However, upon output, the raster effects are generated to match the resolution of the output device in conjunction with the Document Raster Effects Settings as well as any scaling which may take place upon output.

Make certain the Document Raster Effects Setting (in the Effects menu) is set appropriately for your needs and you should be okay.

If you must have it as a vector object, you can expand the object and then use Live Tract/Vector Trace to trace the raster image.

Source : Link , Question Author : alvasrawuther , Answer Author : Scott

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