Using Photoshop – how do I make text “wrap” (break) around an image like in the images linked in this post?

Example 1:

Example 1

Example 2:

Example 2

Is there a simple and semi-automatic way to do this? I know I can do it manually, but there ought to be some way to make the text automatically break when it reaches some sort of defined “edge”.

PS. For anyone wondering: The text is in Swedish. 😉


I’m not sure where “simple” and “semi-automatic” start, but there is a simple way to make shaped area text without having to indent lines by hand.

Create a path in the shape you need using the Pen tool. When you hover over it with the text tool, you’ll see the cursor change to the Area Text tool (little parentheses around the I-bar). You can use a shape layer, too, but there’s no need.

Type the text, and it will flow inside the path. If you need to change the shape later, just edit the path.

For more you can see these detailed tutorial :

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  2. Photoshop Text Wrap – Faking Text Wrap In Photoshop

Source : Link , Question Author : gburning , Answer Author : Jack

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