Using shape builder tool on a pattern

I created an asphalt-like pattern in Illustrator so I can create a street. I followed a tutorial to make the street pattern, and the shading goes up and down. So I distorted the image so it goes at an angle, to be consistent with the perspective in the image. However, the image now goes partially off the artboard. So I put a frame around it and tried to use the shape tool to trim off the excess bit of the street. But when I do that, the pattern remaining changes. Is there a way around this? I hope I’m explaining this well.


I would just create a path which covers all the areas you want to keep, and then create a clipping mask.

Make your clipping path on top, select all the paths and Right click → Make Clipping Mask (Ctrl+7).

The good thing with a Clipping Mask is that it’s non-destructive, meaning you can easily make changes and fix things.

Source : Link , Question Author : julie1013 , Answer Author : WELZ

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