Using stock images for mock-ups

When making a design (as a freelancer), how do I handle stock images?

Do you buy the stock image(s)? Or do you find an image via Google or whatever and later replace it with a similar stock image?

I’m wondering because sometimes stock images can be expensive and you have no guarantee that your final design will use the image. So do you just take the risk?


On many of the stock photo sites, you can generally obtain the watermarked version of the image for free. The idea is that you wouldn’t use the watermarked version in production and that it’s simply just for the mock-ups. For the final version of your design, that will head to production, you would then purchase the non-watermarked versions and then replace the watermarked versions with the production versions.

Of course, be sure to check the legal portion of the company from which you are obtaining the photo as every site is different.

There are also free stock photo sites like at stock xchng. However, you can tell that with some of these photos something is just not right, whether it be something with the models or something with how the photo was composed by the photographer.

Source : Link , Question Author : tone7 , Answer Author : jmort253

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