Version Control for Designers / Alternative to Version Cue

I’ve just been searching around the net for version control that has some support for graphic/Photoshop files. We’re currently using BitBucket which is free and unlimited when it comes to file size but doesn’t have any design review tools.

Here’s what I’ve found. Does anyone else have any recommendations?

Pixelapse – Free/Beta, works well. Now has layer comp support.

Shipment – Private Beta (waiting for an invite)

LayerVault (out of business) – Windows/Mac, has layer comp support

PixelNovel – SVN Version control for Photoshop

CAD only?! But looks really good.

FileTrek – Very enterprise. No price or demo.

Kaleidoscopeapp – GIT with image compare

Apps that copy files with an incremented version


Version Cue, in my experience, is garbage. I have two systems for two different teams going right now.

SVN via Cornerstone
I’ve been running a large volume of creative work through SVN via Cornerstone for Mac for over a year now. It’s a very slick and easy to use app that makes VC seem easy. It doesn’t provide visual previews of the files like I believe PixelNovel does but our detailed change notes have been more than adequate. Cornerstone has been a very robust solution for the localized team I work in.

Git via SourceTree
I also just began coordinating a remote team via using SourceTree. Git has a little steeper learning curve at first but it’s working well for us. We’re essentially following the same principles as the SVN set-up, ie detailed change logs.

The differences
Git operates under the model that each user downloads the whole repository (history and all) to their machine. To keep this manageable, it’s best to have a separate repository for each project. It’s nice to have a repository that’s easy to archive and retire when the project is over.

SVN, on the other hand, allows the user to checkout the latest version of a directory within a repository. If you want to roll back to a previous version you must connect to the server. This is a good system for a centralized repository that contains all the projects under way. I prefer it for a high volume environment where many simultaneous and often interconnected projects are underway.

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