visual typeface search tool used to have (at least I think it was them) a index of typefaces that you could use visual / structural specifics to search through their library of typefaces. It gave options for things like letter width, stroke thickness, serif or sans-serif, axis, among others. After entering in all the information it would show you a list of all the typefaces that fit within the specified parameters. Does anyone know what that was called? Does it still exist? Where can I find it? Is there a similar utility somewhere else?

Addendum: The Type Navigator is exactly it. Thanks, and I had forgotten about Identifont and you are right it is not specifically what I wanted. It may serve my purposes.

I am not good with names of typefaces and so being able to use characteristics such as uniform stroke-width and the style of the “g”, geometic, and all the other things that Type Navigator allowed you to search for. Identifont has many similar things but it misses some things that I consider key.

If anyone has any other suggestions for a tool similar to Type Navigator or Identifont please let me know somehow. Thank you.


What you’re looking for is FontShop’s Type Navigator; the link appears to be dead.

Try Identifont; I don’t think it’s quite what you’re after but you might find it to be helpful.

EDIT: I e-mailed FontShop to ask about TypeNav and this is the relevant part of the response. I guess they valued it for font identification more than browsing…

Our TypeNav feature no longer exists, as we now direct any font identification or search requests to our Research Team. If you have an image or screenshot of what the font looks like, please send it and your inquiry to and they can help you identify that specific font or suggestions for a similar font since if we don’t have that exact font available on our website.

Source : Link , Question Author : brnnnrsmssn , Answer Author : Brendan

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