Wacom Tablet – Illustrator brush tool

I currently got the intuos art wacom tablet so still learning how to use it. I’m currently in illustrator trying to draw out a map and the brush tool is doing something weird and I cannot figure out why. You can see in my image that where there are curves the black slightly spills over and is filling in half the curve with black. Brush setting is set up as a new calligraphic brush and the size is set to pressure, 3pt-3pt.

enter image description here


I think you can play around with this configuration panel to remove these strange curves.

enter image description here

BUT the main solution that I always use is to make line/curve shorter like the example shown below:
enter image description here
You can see clearly the difference between the 2 trees leaf.

Source : Link , Question Author : Andria Bates , Answer Author : jramby

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