Warp in Phoshop: transform lines from curved to straight [duplicate]

I have the following image:

Original image

Is there a way to easily “straighten” the lines, in order to obtain the following image?

Straightened image

I have done this with the “Liquify” command. As you can see, the result is far from being perfect, but maybe there is something easier and better, e.g. using something like warping or other similar options.

I am currently using Photoshop 2018.

Can someone suggest which is the best way to achieve the desired result in this situation?


Photosp’s Edit > Transform > Warp is quite simple. It is easy to do as a 2 phase job. Before warping transform your text image layer to Smart Object to avoid sharpness loss due multiple twists.

At first use warp in Arc mode. -10% bending compensates most of the curvature. Do not worry out of the border text. It’s still there, because this is a smart object:

enter image description here

Phase 2 is custom warping. Now it’s good to have quides. I placed one, too:

enter image description here

Not as straightforward as some other options, but surely usable and it is in Photoshop.

The easiest method I know is to use much cheaper program Serif Affinity Photo (free fully functional trial is available). It has very flexible Mesh Warp tool. The needed bending seems to be global on the page, so the text is selected as whole and with the warp tool only the corner handles are adjusted. Nothing prevents to click and add more mesh nodes if needed. Your case needed only 1×1 mesh.

enter image description here

If you have access to Illustrator, you naturally use it. Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Mesh, mesh size=1 x 1 does the same as 1 x 1 mesh in Affinity Photo.

enter image description here

And then lunatic’s method:

In a freeware 3D CAD program a spline curve was drawn along the baseline of your text. The spline was flipped vertically to get the concave side up. Then it was pulled to surface and your text clip was placed onto it. When the result is watched from the right direction, the lines seem straight.

enter image description here

Unfortunately the perspective causes the near side lines to seem longer than the far side lines. But that’s easily fixed by switching the perspective OFF:

enter image description here

Finally the photo was stretched vertically to compensate the foreshortening.

A late addition. I found an older case with no answers, because the questioner didn’t want especially little. He wanted some automation. But he got something. It can help also you. Read this: How to straighten round-edge document or book page automatically?

Source : Link , Question Author : Vito Gentile , Answer Author : user287001

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