Wavy satin like effect

i am trying to replicate this background for learning purpose since i found it very eye-catching. So far i have tried both free form and mesh gradient without success. With mesh gradient, i am able to create highlight sharp edges but find it difficult to create shadow area. It goes the other way for free form gradient. So is there any tip or trick for this ? Thank you

  • Edit : This is the best i could try enter image description here


One thing that your image has is a Fresnel texture, which gives it an “iridescent” look.

The fresnel is a property of a material that reflects the light depending on the viewer’s angle.

So this is done in a 3D program like Blender.

I am linking to the Unreal engine’s page to show you the effect and a link to Blender’s node.



Here is a material setup that can help you:

Source : Link , Question Author : Bong Bong , Answer Author : Rafael

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