Web design for Legal pages: What are some things to keep in mind?

So I have been looking around but cannot find any good advice on how to go about designing a page for legal matters. These pages would clearly state Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc. I think there is a huge challenge to designing these pages because you cannot always make them flashy because, from a legal standpoint, you want the reader to be reading the documentation.

I went and looked around and I found this question on UX Stackexchange but it does not truly answer my question.
Design Requirements for ToS and Privacy Policy pages

What are some things to keep in mind when designing legal pages?

Specifically I am hoping to find insight on what others have done to make the experience better.


If the goal is to improve the end-user experience, then the key is that you improve the content more than anything. Ideally you’d:

  • use plain language–not legalese
  • reduce the amount of language
  • offer a summary
  • use good overall typography (an appropriate place to start: http://typographyforlawyers.com/ )
  • make it possible to easily make an offline copy (make sure it prints well, offer a PDF download, etc)

Source : Link , Question Author : aug , Answer Author : DA01

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