Web design for retail / e-commerce site – essential elements?

I’m developing a Rails site for my company that’s going to be a web store for our entire inventory. I don’t really have a lot of experience with design (I am the one-man IT department at my company, so anything remotely computer-related gets thrown my way with the assumption that I am magical and capable of anything), so I was wondering if there were any more or less omnipresent elements in the designs of most modern e-commerce sites. Are there any near-universal guidelines for how an e-commerce site is expected to look / be designed?


I have two good bookmarks on delicious you really have to check out

But, just remember: BE SIMPLE. Don’t clutter the interface with all kind with elements. I recommend everyone that’s starting to read Save The Pixel book. It have good insights.


Source : Link , Question Author : eckza , Answer Author : Mateus Pinheiro

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