Web font that supports some basic music symbols

I am working on a web page that displays some music note names such as “B”, “Bb” (B flat), or C# (C sharp). For a better readability I would prefer to display the correct flat and sharp symbols.

It seems that the standard sans-serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica do not support these symbols, which leads me to the conclusion that I need to find a web font that looks similar to the widespread sans-serifs (Arial, Helvetica) and in addition has these two symbols.

Q1: Do you know of any such web font?

Q2: Or was I completely mistaken and the Arial and Helvetica actually do support musical notation symbols, and they happen to be in the same position for both of these fonts?


If using unicode characters, this will be available for a wide range of fonts.

Here you can see how to program these symbols in HTML as unicode, and how it is displayed here in the font used on this page:

♭ will show as: ♭

♮ will show as: ♮

♯ will show as: ♯

You can also copy the characters directly and paste them in as you like:

♭♮♯ will show as: ♭♮♯

Source : Link , Question Author : chiccodoro , Answer Author : Aᵂᴱ

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