Webfont alternative to Segoe UI [closed]

Need to find a replacement for Microsoft fonts for a ‘metro-style’ UI design project. Just wondering what the best replacement might be because of Segoe’s evolution from Fruitger.

In terms of a suitable font replacement, I would have thought that the main criteria is for the font family to have styles in different weights (Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Extra bold, etc), and that the general look and feel is similar enough and would fit with a interaction (and tile) based visual styling.

I thought about something like Clear Sans or Open Sans, but what are people’s experiences with them?

A list of possible alternatives (in no particular order):

  • Open Sans
  • Clear Sans
  • Droid Sans
  • Noto


I personally love Open Sans. I’ve used it for a number of different projects and found it great to work with. Glyph and language support is exceptional, readability is great even at small sizes, and I could go on.

Be advised that Google recently changed the name to Noto for some reason.

Webly Sleek is also very similar to Segoe, and has good glyph support.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Lai , Answer Author : PieBie

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