Webfont alternatives to Gotham

The Brand Guidelines have specified the use of Gotham and Arial as the typeface, and I can see that in the past people have had various experiences with using Gotham on the web.

Instead of using Arial, which I feel is not really a good alternative to Gotham because it doesn’t have the polished finish, it seems like Proxima Nova is one of the best options, but I might not have considered other options.

My comparisons:

  • Gotham vs. Proxima Nova (capital M and the number 3 are most different)
  • Gotham vs. Proxima Sans (capital M and the number 3 are most different)
  • Proxima Nova is nearly identical to Proxima Sans
  • Gotham vs. Arimo (captial Q, M and the number 1, 3 are most different0
  • Gotham vs. Montserrat (captial Q, M and the number 1 are the most different)

I would conclude that Proxima Sans and Montserrat could be suitable replacements, with Montserrat being a Google Font which should be web safe.

What are some popular webfonts that have an open license and can be used as an alternative to Gotham?


If you are going to go down any subscription route then I would recommend cloud.typography because you can legally license Gotham for web use see here. Montserrat is the closest Google font.

Gotham through the typography service is optimized for web and produces a solid rendered output.

While not free, Aaux Next is an extensive font you can license without a subscription but is also available through Typekit.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Lai , Answer Author : Aibrean

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