What affect, if any, does Document Swatches play in printing?

When saving a file for print I check in Bridge to ensure the correct swatches are present:

Document Swatches

However to get to that point, I cleared out the Swatch panel. Otherwise I might get something more like this:

Document Swatches Extra

which was generated as part of the following panel, where some of those swatches aren’t even in use:

Document Swatches in Illustrator

Should I even be worrying about Document Swatches as long as the plates are correct? If so, which is the best practice:

  1. Remove all but the required Spots?
  2. Remove all unused?


Clearing out unneeded swatches, brushes, symbols, layer styles, unused fonts, orphan vertices and paths, etc. certainly helps in reducing the likelihood of such an extraneous element causing issues somewhere in production. As an added bonus, it also helps reduce the file size.

But as most of my printers prefer a PDF workflow, I generally don’t worry about it. So far, I’ve not had any issues.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ryan , Answer Author : bemdesign

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