What are beginner’s books on typography?

Hum, for some reason I would like to buy myself a book about typography. I have a lot of interest in this field, and already have some knowledge learnt from reading Typophile now and then, among other online sources. I would like to consolidate my knowledge with a book about typography, possibly a mix of theoretical considerations and examples (I quite like the balance achieved, for example, in the Tufte books).


If you’re going to get one book on typography, I would grab The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst. It’s self–demonstrating and is filled with tons of useful and intriguing examples, as well as an informative, but brief history of type. It’s a great introduction that will continue to prove helpful far into the future.

Source : Link , Question Author : F’x , Answer Author : Martin Schröder

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