What are examples of web apps with clean, text-based layouts?

I’m in the process of redesigning a web app with a very simple layout, set mostly by text (similar to Google in both aesthetics and functionality). Do you know any examples of web apps with such attributes (i.e. Google.com)?

Please note: I’m looking for examples of text-based layouts in web apps, not “regular” websites.


Don’t have any examples from top of my head but you should probably check Swiss Style Graphic Design first

Understanding Swiss Style Graphic Design

and see how Windows 8 uses this approach in their new interface

Metro (design language)

Specially check how they use ‘text based’ approach on displaying information with very simple shapes and great typography


So you really looking for very clean and light graphics and focus on precise typography and well formed content structure.

I don’t have an easy pill for you today but I advise checking image stock websites (like Getty) as they tend to keep the interface very light and text based (avoiding relying on graphics), focus should be on their photography.

Hope it helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : João , Answer Author : Robert Koritnik

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