What are good ways to handle extracting a portion , such as a logo, from a much larger PSD?

I am building web pages from a PSD.

The designer just made all layers on the same size canvas which makes it harder to copy into a new layer in its intended size.

What could be a good work flow to get to the logo and reuse it?

What I normally do is the following
1. Copy the original
2. Delete all unecessary layers
3. Roughtly crop what I need
4. Get in closer and crop until I have a more desirable size.

But I imagine there has to be a more efficient way to get the element that I need.


Duplicate all the desired layers (or select if you don’t mind), then convert them to a smart object. if you open the smart object it is already precisely cropped and you can just export.

Another little trick: I sometimes use slices inside those smart objects. That way I can have different slice sets in one PSD file and still maintain the main file slice-free.

Source : Link , Question Author : JGallardo , Answer Author : KMSTR

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