What are some basic guidelines to make a website look nice?

I’m building a website for a client. I look at it and it just doesn’t look cool. It gets the job done, which all of the websites I’ve built get the job done. But I don’t think I’ve ever built anything that looks cool.

I follow the basic structure of a websites I’ve seen online, but I wouldn’t compare it to a Zappos or a Stack Exchange. These sites aren’t the flashiest sites but they follow the same structure of a million other websites and still come out looking cool, fresh and different.

Does anyone have any reading they recommend? Or design patterns or rules that I should follow?

Here is a picture of the current site I’ve built:

Here is a picture of the current site I've built


This is an incredibly broad question, but if you’re just looking for a place to start, having a nice grid can go a long way. I’d recommend downloading and playing with Twitter Bootstrap. Until you have a more direct question, this is the best I can do for you, I’m afraid.

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