What are some good resources for learning calligraphy?

I’m not known for my good penmanship, but I would like to be able to make these hand lettered pieces that have become really popular in the past few years.

I know that calligraphy can be a learned artform, but all I see in forms of learning are these ‘kits’ at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores that I don’t really trust to teach me anything.

Are there resources out there for me? Or is it pretty much a “practice makes perfect” type of learning where it comes to me only by (literal) wrote memory?

(Also, I know that anything takes practice to learn, that’s not my question, lol. I’m not looking for “quick and easy” resources, but actual books/sites that people who do professional calligraphy or the like would use or have used when they were learning.)


I found a few websites don’t know if you would have already found them but;



http://calligraphy.tv/frameset/samples.html (dvd)

Also found some books;

http://www.studioarts.net/calligraphy/ (seems a little dated)

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Learn-Calligraphy-Margaret-Shepherd/dp/0767907329 (looks promising)

Personally I feel this to be a lost art form (or at least it is becoming one). But I still find it to very impressive to see what these people can do because I have awful penmanship.

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