What are some good ways to showcase someone’s portfolio work online?

I’ve been happily employed for awhile now, so I’ve not kept up on various trends and changes in the online portfolio field. I would like to remedy this knowledge gap.

I can do a search for “best online portfolio sites” but a search like that is a little tainted by people who want you to buy their solution.

If you’ve made a portfolio site for yourself or a client, what are you using?

It seems to me that you can use a service like Behance (but are there other services that are equal or better in terms of features, ease of use, ads, etc.?), adapt a theme to a blog/CMS WordPress or Tumblr, or build something from scratch.

If it’s necessary to narrow the scope of the question a bit, I’d say that the ideal portfolio site looks modern but not trendy, has a great user experience, and is easy to update. Preferably, it can be self-hosted, unless people have found that going on a dedicated social network is better.

It’d be interesting to hear answers from graphic designers who don’t code a lot as well as web designers who do it for a living.


I saw many websites that were prepared for portfolios only and most of them were too dynamic for me to pay attention to any of the drawings/photos/graphics.

If you would like to keep the programming minimal you may want to prepare a pdf file; I have a pdf portfolio and send it to clients who requests graphics. You can easily put it in your website too.

Another option may be to use websites like deviantART but personally I think it is not very professional.

It is worth noting that I am not a professional designer (I don’t have any degree or certificate) and I design graphics as a hobby and these are my personal opinions.

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