What are some of the benefits of having a Mac vs a Windows PC in a design environment?

I work in a b2b business and everyone here is on Windows PCs. A co-worker is pushing to move the design department from Windows to Mac. I worked on a Mac about 15 years ago when I worked for an advertising agency, but since then have worked on Windows because the companies I’ve work for have been all Windows.

What are the advantages as a graphic designer to working on a Mac.

  • One is having access to Sketch (Mac design program only)

What are some other advantages that I could look at?


*Disclaimer: I’ve been a Mac user for more than 20 years and still use a Mac daily. That being posted, I have clearly seen Windows close the gap in the areas where Apple was the frontrunner and the preferred system for designers.

15 years ago, using Windows was, at best, a lesson in frustration where design was concerned. There was a time where the Mac was far, far, superior, that’s simply not the case any longer.

The only real differences any longer is that the Macintosh can run both the Mac OS and Windows without the need to “hack” an OS to get it running. Or perhaps that iOS dev can not be done on anything other than a Macintosh. And Windows Phone dev requires Windows. But those aren’t really related to design specifically, those are more development issues.

Beyond that, it’s all a matter of preferences and neither system is inherently better than the other today.

Sure Sketch may be Mac-Only, but Xara is Windows-only. It’s all a wash for the most part.

In reality, for a good web design company, both the Mac OS and Windows are needed to test all browsers across platforms and devices. Whether you do that via OS emulators, virtual machines, or full systems is of little consequence as long as it’s done.

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