What are some tips for a graphic designer’s CV/resume?

I’ve recently graduated from university (within the United Kingdom) and I’m trying to get my first step on to the ladder within the graphic design industry. It has been several months and I’m having trouble even getting an interview.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how I should approach my CV. The following link is my current version, however it doesn’t seem to be working.

Curriculum Vitae


Keep it simple:

  • Don’t write Everything you can do or every place you worked on.
    Just mention the most relevant work and experience that an employer would like you to have.
    For example, I would remove the “waitress” and the “Product sales assistant” from the CV and focus more on your work as a designer.
  • Keep the descriptions as short as possible. Unnecessary information is tiring. (Interests is not so relevant. Remember that this is a professional document for employers)
  • Try to keep you CV as a single page. HR and employers need to go over dozens and sometimes hundreds of CVs, and sometimes they only see the first page and that what gets them.
  • Consider rearranging the document in a more linear way. I found it a bit confusing to look at two columns. My eyes had to “jump” left and right. You might want to ask other people opinions for that, this is just what I think.
  • I didn’t see an email contact information. If you removed it because you uploaded the document here – that’s fine. But if not, I would add a contact email. Some employers prefer emails as contact method.

Good luck finding a job!

Source : Link , Question Author : user4987 , Answer Author : Shahar

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