What are the best practices for providing a client with brand assets?

I have created a logo for a client and don’t know the best way to give the file to the client. What are the best file types to provide the client, eg illustrator, Photoshop, jpeg, TIFF and what document sizes would be best.

An example:
The TIFF file I have created is 9035 x 9448 pixels, as the object I created the print for was about 800mm high by 750mm wide. The file size is (understandably) 405MB. This doesn’t seem appropriate as the PDF file will do the job just fine and is just 100kb as the original artwork is a vector.

What would the standard or general guideline be creating a brand asset for any eventual use?


When I create a logo for a client I provide them with the following:

  • Greyscale/1 color (300ppi) (may be 2 versions – 1 solid black, the other greys)
    Tiff, PSD, EPS, AI, PDF

  • CMYK (300ppi)
    Tiff, PSD, EPS, AI, PDF

  • Spot Color (300ppi) (provided if appropriate)
    Tiff, PSD, EPS, AI, PDF

  • RGB (72ppi)
    PSD, EPS, AI, SVG, PDF, JPG, PNG24, GIF (only because some may expect it)

  • Usage guidelines (PDF) — Detailing spacing, color, size, requirements/suggestions – “Dos” and “Donts”

Most often I’ll size things to around 500x500px or relatively close to that. So all the above are basically the same size, just varying in color and resolution.

I wouldn’t ever provide a 9000x9000px file to a client for a logo. They’ll be lost with something that size in most cases.

This seems like a lot, right? It is somewhere between 17 and 28 separate files just for their logo

My goal is to never have the client contact me again for a format they need for their logo. Not because I don’t want to hear from them, but because I want them to have every possible format they’ll ever need for the logo. For me, this is why clients want a professional creating their logo – providing a complete solution rather than merely sending them a JPG they’ll need to have reworked in a couple years when they realize that $5 logo isn’t going to work for everything.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aasim Azam , Answer Author : Scott

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