What are the best ways to represent different sections of text in one banner?

I am tasked with creating banners for individual lecture series. I need to display the topic of the talk, the name of the talk as well as the lecturer. Sometimes the date as well. It looks strange when I use one typeface for all of the text, even when I try to resize it. When attempting to use a different font for each item it looks a bit busy.

Whatever I try, it feels like a wash of text that blends into itself. None of the information feels distinct from each other and it feels like the viewer is getting bombarded with info.

Are there any good practices for this?

Here’s my attempt

enter image description here

But it doesn’t look quite right.

Any ideas?


One type family won’t kill your design

Hierarchy can be communicated via numerous devices:
and surrounding elements
all contribute to perceived hierarchy.

A change in typeface just says “something changed” — it doesn’t necessarily establish order.

In this sample the head and subhead are the same size (if you don’t count minor correction for optical variance between bold and light). A shift in weight and color structures the info.

enter image description here

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