What are the different applications in Adobe Creative Suite for?

So, I have never really been into design beyond a few wireframes and paper-pen sketches and have now now bought David Kadavy’s book, Design for Hackers and am getting into design a little bit.

I am going through Adobe Creative Suite CS6. It has so many different applications and I can’t seem to make out what to use for what purpose. Which program is better for doing what?


Head over to Adobe.com and do a bit of reading regarding features.

In general:

  • Photoshop = raster image editing (photographs) or digital painting (Illustration)
  • Photoshop Extended = Same as Photoshop + ability to use some 3D tools and basic video editing
  • Illustrator = Vector artwork (Logos, illustrations, etc.)
  • Indesign = Page layout (books, manuals, brochures, etc.)
  • Premier = Video editing
  • Fireworks = Web editing and prototyping (will do both raster and vector but not geared for print work)
  • Dreamweaver = HTML and web code layout and editing
  • Audition = Sound editing
  • Encore = DVD authoring
  • Acrobat = PDF editing
  • Flash = Dynamic web content (generally interactive video and audio)
  • SpeedGrade = Video composite editing
  • Prelude = File production logging tool
  • After Effects = Video special effects and titling

What you use depends entirely on what any given project requires.

Source : Link , Question Author : lprsd , Answer Author : Scott

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