What are the essential must-read magazines for the design industry? (UK)

What are the essential must-read and industry magazines in the design & advertising world? (UK, printed)

What should I expect to find on a coffee table at a high end design house?

(Why? you ask…)
I am about to launch a service aimed at designers and advertising houses, and want to know which are best to advertise in, the 2 I have to start with are Campaign and the British journal of photography.


If you are UK based I would look into advertising within Imagine Publishing. They are primarly UK based but they send magazines around the world and I happen to subscribe to them. They also allow for digital downloads but if you are targeting designers in general the magazines they publish that may be a target market for designers are:

You really didn’t specify what type of designer so I thought I would throw in:

Instead of actual magazines have you thought about targeting blogs in the UK if you are aiming for a specific area?

Source : Link , Question Author : Digital Lightcraft , Answer Author : DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ

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