What are the web application design standards for for mobile phones?

When designing a UI for a mobile web application (non native) that is expected to run on iPhone, Android and possibly more platforms, what should be the baseline?

Would you design it based on iPhone standards? Android Standards? Or just select your own look and feel ?

How for example would you display a system message popup?


It’s a web app. You don’t pretend it’s not. The general standards apply to most all touch devices (touch areas, relative screen sizes, etc.) but don’t try and use actual native UI elements from either device as that’s somewhat deceiving (it’s not a native app) or just confusing (the UI isn’t that of the device you are on).

As for a system message popup, you can’t show that from the browser. So you have to build your own. You can leverage the browser’s native JS alert and confirm pop-ups, or you can build your own modal window implementation using JavaScript.

Source : Link , Question Author : epeleg , Answer Author : DA01

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