What are these kinds of typography called?

While talking about typography, we are often presented with beautiful graphics made with types and all. Although I find them very creative, I personally don’t have a knack for those. I rather prefer simple words, sentences, and paragraphs organized and aligned with hierarchy and space distribution, in digital or print media. It’s amazing how sober and beautiful pure texts can be on a humble piece of invoice or newspaper. See the examples for a clearer idea. My question is: are these also part of typography or do they have some other name? I would like to know and read more about these but I can’t begin before I know what I’m looking for.

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Designing how a page should look is usually called layout and is not usually considered a part of typography but typography is often considered a necessary skill to do a good page layout.

Page layout requires a good sense of composition. Normally one would be required to compose not just text but also graphics, photographs, background color and/or images etc.

In modern software development the job title of someone doing this is usually just Graphic Designer or UI/UX Designer. In traditional print it would be Graphic Designer or Art Director.

Using pure text without any background or colors is just one style of layout. If you want to specialize in layouts you will be expected to also handle colors. However, do note that choosing not to use colors or having very minimal use of colors is one way of handling colors and there are well known designers who work mostly in black and white.

You mentioned being interested in reading more about the topic. Googling “page layout design” is a good way to get started but there is a lot of noise and “what is layout” types of articles on the internet so finding really good content is not easy. I’d suggest (if you’re not in lockdown) going to a book store and browse the Art/Design section. As in a lot of things related to art, most of the things you’ll find tend to be examples of other people’s designs rather than theory. But that’s just how art works: you take inspiration from what you see.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bluebug , Answer Author : slebetman

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