What are these white outlines in patterns in the .pdf I exported from Illustrator?

I am using pattern in illustrator in separated layer of course and some text areas and line texts in another layer… when I save the file to a PDF format I got a very bad result as seen as the attached file is. it seems that every single object in the artwork takes a stroke. the area box takes a very tiny stroke as well as the line text and the patters in the background takes a little stroke too. the result is a whole mess.
I figured out the problem is related to the pattern because when i remove it it solve the problem.
so do you have any idea how to deal with that?

enter image description here


This is a result of the .pdf viewer you use, there is nothing wrong with your image. Each and every .pdf viewer is absolutely horrible at previewing .pdf files that aren’t optimised for display on screen. Print-ready cPDFs are the worst offenders: areas with drop shadows (as Henrik notes) get an outline, and vectors that touch each other regularly get a 1-pixel gap. Amongst other problems.

These effects are almost always just the crappy preview quality—the same file will print flawlessly, and there’s a good chance it will also render nicely when you open it in a raster program and convert it to pixels.

A good check is to zoom in on any white outlines you see: if they stay one pixel in width no matter the zoom factor, it’s a viewer issue and you’re good. If the gap does resize with the zoom factor, there’s something wrong in your source file.

Never, ever trust any .pdf viewer when it comes to printable .pdfs. Therefore, it’s also a good idea to keep printables away from your customer for review purposes. Those gaps will confuse them even more than they do you now.

Source : Link , Question Author : hsawires , Answer Author : Vincent

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