What are “up-to-date” or “modern” icons?

My icons have been (lightly) criticized as “too 1998-ish”:

From left to right: refresh; auto/manual refresh toggle; filters; favorites; alerts.

To what was the critique aimed at? What the critic meant with “too 1998-ish”? Can someone show me examples of icons that are considered fashionable these days?

Thanks so much!


it seems that your still working with window 98 pattern….

enter image description here

enter image description here
enter image description here windows Xp

You can see the difference which one you will like the most?? the same thing is happening with your client he also want which looks good as i like the xp thing.

in 90’s we guys wasn’t aware of vector,things worked with pixel only,you can see the changes in games later on we had pixel arts in game but as time passes away everyone start caring about vectors the smoothness,actually your working with pixel icons and your client want to see vectors/glossy eye catching and soothing icons

There are some very good articles on

You can download some free icon PSD form this site

Modern Icons web Mantra

Source : Link , Question Author : Pete Wilson , Answer Author : Jack

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