What changes might be considered offensive when altering a person’s profile image?

I’ve been editing profile images for a webpage displaying the employees of a company.

The images were not professionally taken, and because of that features like wrinkles and body posture are exaggerated and look bad.

However, it’s a sensitive issue, in that some folks may be happy with their image and consider “air-brushing” and heavy edits offensive, and maybe see it as me thinking they’re ugly.

I’ve edited out wrinkles, braces, blemishes, copied left shoulder to the right to improve the slouched and wonky posture and more.

What should I be sensitive to when editing images like this?


Correct skin tones, pimples, scratches, and highlight spots primarily. Beyond the a little light dodging and burning if appropriate on any particularly bad ones.

Basically, correct anything that is either a temporary mark like a pimple or stained shirt. Or anything that was caused by poor lighting and photography.

Do not remove wrinkles, dimples, lines, or retouch the skin. Its not a beauty portrait, and those are the things that give people character. It shows sincerity.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dom , Answer Author : Ryan

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