What color swatch to use for cut lines?

I’m designing some signage that will be printed and cut with a CNC machine. What would be the best color swatch to use for the lines that should be cut?


The industry standard for die-cut lines on laser cutting machines are as follows:

  • Red stroke: RGB (255,0,0)
  • Stroke weight: to 0.01mm / 0.25 pt

That being said, it’s always a good idea to double check with the company you’re planning on sending the vector files to just to make sure they use the same standards.


File Setup GUIDELINES: CUT LINES – (red)

Drawing Resources: Adobe Illustrator CS® – Laser cutting lines

How to set a dieline (Keyline, die-cut) to spot colour?: FOLD/SCORE LINES

Source : Link , Question Author : papirtiger , Answer Author : zeethreepio

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