What colour system to use for print AND web publications?

Everyone loves a color best practise conversation so here goes:

When I lay up publications in inDesign that will go both onto web and print I do so in CMYK (cos I love print). Then let inDesign colour correct to RGB for web versions.

Now I have a client that are super protective of colours. Is this still the best way, as the RGB colours may vary slightly from style guide? I don’t particularly want to have to create multiple document variations.

I have created a .ase swatch library for both web and print (and pantone) with correct values, but this starts to get super confusing.

I am also unsure what colour is best to display in style guide. The CMYK if it’s going to be printed?

Lots of questions, just some advice on best practise as I come from a print background not web. Thanks!



I think a bit of trial and error would be appropriate here. Find the RGB colour that’s closest to their CMYK choice, get them to approve it, and then stick to it.

You can’t use CMYK for digital design. It just won’t work, and I personally wouldn’t rely on implicit conversion by software.

Just have a CMYK and an RGB colour for every colour you’re using. It’s not ideal but if they care a lot about their established identity then you have to respect that.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jack Smith , Answer Author : Dom

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