What copyright considerations should I take when putting work on a personal blog?

I’ve just started with graphic design, and I want to put some of the stuff I’m doing up on a Tumblr blog. I’m also taking some classes and doing a Certificate Program at MCAD soon, and want to form good habits as I’m starting out.

What considerations should I be taking in regards to copyright? Should I use a watermark, should I embed information in the image?


As a general rule, if you want to be 100% sure that your work will not be stolen don’t put it on the Internet. As John and DA01 pointed out watermarks, stamps and so on can be cropped out, replaced or somehow excluded from the image file. If anybody really just wants to use your image without your agreement he will and it is likely that you will never find out; a lot of people use pictures (in presentations, to show around, whatever) found somewhere without referencing them which is strictly interpreted violating copyright rules. However there is the concept of Fair Use, allowing the use of resources for educational purposes or similar.

All these point asides there are lots of rewards of actually showing off your stuff on the Internet: for the very few people that may take advantage of your work (and who will actually try to commercialize it?) there will be dozens viewing it, some will leave a comment and there will even be this one person that gets inspired by your work, creates their own and gives you credit. If you want to head in this direction think about using a Creative Common or Copyleft license (rather than strict copyright) in which you’ll give away complete protection of your work in order to let people share or adapt it.

Source : Link , Question Author : brhoades , Answer Author : Stockfisch

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