What do i provide my graphic designer with so they can do their job?

I am hiring a graphic designer to illustrate my bikini designs in Adobe Illustrator or any alternative software that works for them, so I can send the digital designs to manufacturers to produce the physical product.

What do I need to provide my graphic designer with, so they can accurately recreate my print designs?

Do I just simply send them photos of my amateur designs? Do I need to send them exact life size measurements? Do I implicate the wiring and certain details of the bikinis? Do they need color schemes if I want them in color, do they need to illustrate the same bikini in all 4 different sizes from XS-L?


For the production specifications you should provide your designer with descriptions, photos and sketches if you have them, along with flat patterns for every size, specific measurements for each size, material indications (where the wire goes, how thick the hems are, how long the ties are etc.), in short All the info the clothing manufacturers will need to produce them.

If you don’t have the flat patterns your designer may be able to create them from the specifications but you should not expect them to make usable production templates without all the material and size information. If you have finished bikinis you should send those to your designer so they can take apart the seams, lay them flat, measure everything and draw them up to scale.

Once you have working templates for each size you can indicate different color patterns to the manufacturers.

If you leave any aspects of design up to the production people than it may come out wrong.

Source : Link , Question Author : alexis , Answer Author : Webster

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