What do you call this type of top down, not really 3D, perspective?

It’s not isometric, it’s not one point, maybe top down?

I want to Google it and don’t know how.



It’s closest to a view called a three-quarters view, a type of axonometric projection, in between a side view and top down one. It’s “[a] method of portraying three dimensional space in a two-dimensional plane … [very] popular during the 16-bit era for JRPGs.” source.

three-quarters view example

It’s still used in games today because of the high performance and artistic draw.

The style is also part of a more broad category of 2.5D, which comes in many forms. For more guidance on types of projection, check out this article.

Source : Link , Question Author : Manuel Paulo , Answer Author : Zach Saucier

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