what does “blur” mean in graphic design? [closed]

I see our designers referring to blur on screens. what exactly are they referring to? These are transaction flows.


It means the same thing it does in any other profession – out of focus, unclear, smeared…..

For web development, form input fields can use an onBlur event in javascript meaning the cursor is no longer active within the input field. So you would “blur” the field by making it non-active. — this is the only thing I can think of which may be specific to the design profession.

So…. when you click an HTML form input, the browser/app fires a focus event because the input becomes active. When you leave that form field the browser/app fires a blur event because the field is no longer active. Essentially… Switch ON = focus, switch OFF = blur.

You can use these events to trigger other things, such as javascript, or Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) appearance changes.

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