What does “Great typography skills” mean in the context of a job requirement for a web developer position?

I’m looking at job requirements for Jr. web Developer positions. Some jobs need “Great typography and layout skills.” What does typography mean? What skills are they exactly looking for?


“What does typography means”

Typography refers to type. The art and craft of setting and using type. It can also refer to lettering design, and the design of type (the letterforms) itself.

It’s a little odd (but not unheard of) that they are asking for a ‘developer’ with ‘typography skills’. Based on that, I’d say they are looking for a talented graphic designer with strong front-end web development skills They may legitimately be looking for that role, or this may be one of those types of job descriptions where they shot-gun the requirements list hoping to hire an entire art and IT department in one Jnr position.

Source : Link , Question Author : Priya , Answer Author : DA01

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