What does Scaling mean in this context?

I just got a pre-interview questionnaire for potentially a new job. On it I have to rank certain skills like creativity, attention to detail, photo manipulation…. one of them says “Scaling”

Before I email the woman asking what “Scaling” means I thought I’d ask and see if there’s some obvious thing I’m overlooking as to what in the world this would mean. It’s an Environmental Graphic Design position. Maybe this means making physical scale models? Just working with an architectural or engineering scale? Using vectors so the type and design can scale?

Anyone know if in Environmental Graphic Design firms there’s some specific task they refer to as ‘Scaling’?


In a situation like this, there’s no harm at all in asking for clarification. As you and Scott already noted, “Scaling” can apply to several different design situations — scaling vector artwork, building large-format artwork in a smaller-scale/higher-resolution (common in grande format and billboard work), resizing images and working to scale as in maps and to-scale diagrams are all “scaling.”

You won’t seem ignorant. Rather, you will make it clear that you are conscientious and detail-oriented and probably actually read client specifications carefully — an all too rare but highly valued trait in our industry. 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Ryan , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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