What does the term raster and vector apply to?

Are the term raster and vector only applicable to 2d graphics?

The rendered image format might be one way to distinguish them but what about a program like blender?

If they can be classified as such, are 3d programs like blender raster or vector?


For 3D apps, I think it’s easiest to think of the ‘building’ aspect of the model as being based on vectors, and the ‘rendering’ aspect being based on raster.

To take a very simple example: Sketchup. You can build a 3-D box and rotate it all you want. It’s easy to rotate this because it’s a set of vector instructions that the computer can quickly re-calculate to make a temporary raster version for your pixel-based screen. You can then go a step further and add textures, lighting, shading, shadows, etc, and have Sketchup render a static, detailed raster version of a particular view.

Source : Link , Question Author : lind , Answer Author : DA01

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