What elements go into a successful landscape phototographer’s website?

Let’s say that I want to design a website to sell photographs of landscape, wildlife, or general interest subjects. What tips, elements, etc. should be incorporated into the design to make it successful? Assume that traffic somehow makes it to the front page of the site, but everything else it up to the site to sell the product. Thanks!


In addition to what DA01 says I would think carefully about your objectives for the site. If the main goal is to sell images then provide clear and obvious buttons or links for people to buy. Don’t clutter the site with distractions or additional information that is not important.

Also it is crucial that you do not overwhelm visitors with options. People think they want choices when actually they don’t – it confuses them. So keep your product options to an absolute minimum.

Source : Link , Question Author : PearsonArtPhoto , Answer Author : duncmc

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