What elements should be on an iPhone app’s splash screen?

I am currently developping an official iPhone app for a football club.

Well, the development is nearly finished and I now have to worry about details, like the splashscreen.

One solution would be to have a splashscreen showing the empty interface of the home page (waiting for data loading). Convenient but not very sexy isn’t it ?

One other solution would be to create a full screen picture with the official background color of the club, with a big logo, etc…
And this “etc…” is precisely my problem.

What else to add on this screen while keeping a balance between sobriety and vacuum ?

Thanks for any advice 😉


If you can’t think of any “etc…” then its possible you don’t need any “etc…” in there.

We seem to have an in built reaction to fill our graphics so they don’t look empty. It takes guts to push out a design that looks simple (even if its not).

Something i learnt at design school was to embrace negative-space/white-space/void and to resist the urge to fill every corner of the paper simply for the sake of filling. Every element or colour you choose should have a purpose, whether it help sets ‘the feel’ or communicates more direct information (e.g the logo). This is what minimalism was all about; asking yourself, “what is really communicating here, what is just filler, and how can it communicate clearer?”

Source : Link , Question Author : Pierre Espenan , Answer Author : Hemi

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