What font family is this Art Nouveau / Jugendstil letter “A” from?

enter image description here

For the time being I have only this image of A. Can you tell me what the name of this font is?

Explaining that a certain answer that easily comes to mind does not work:

I tried to use WhatTheFont on the example. (see http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/). It was somewhat complicated to even find out whether it could work or not, I describe it here, because it not like “anybody could just try”.

It took some workarounds to have it even try to recognize the font.
With the workarounds, the recognition was running, but found nothing similar.

As it did not separate the letters at first step, I separated one manually in GIMP:

Separated letter A

But still, it did not recognize it as a single letter, but two, based on the gap on the left side.

So I covered that gap:

Separated letter A with gap covered

Now the recognition started just fine, but the resulting list of similar fonts did not show anything interesting (you could try with the last image).

EDIT: The letter A in question may be flipped, so if you are looking for the source then you might try to using this image as well –

enter image description here


Edit: to be absolutely clear; both @Ilan and my answers are correct. The difference in names is anybody’s guess, but that is what happens when fonts, designers, technology and rights changes hands.

Here is an interesting twist; I knew I had seen it before, and consulting my incredibly old Letraset book, I make it out to be Harrington. Seems Rossetti is the digital version.

enter image description here


For maybe unnecessary amount of information: the font is a pretty classic art nuveau, and likely to be early 1900:

  • It is listed in my very old (1988) Letraset book under the ownership
    of Letragraphica, a daughter company of Letraset, with no designer
  • However; online it is attributed to Sam Wang, 1991. Other places it
    is attributed to the Font Lab.
  • I was modified in 2009

Classic art nuveau aesthetics:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Sumann , Answer Author : benteh

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