What font is being used for the Apple Watch?

Apple watch screenshot 1
Apple watch screenshot 2

Did Apple create an entirely new typeface for the Apple Watch? Did they customize something existing? To me it looks like it was inspired by DIN and given a very tall x-height, but I see influence from Roboto in there as well.


Whatever it is, it’s grotesque.

Seriously though, DIN does look close but for its square tittles and punctuation marks and not getting the 9’s right.

I fancy Aktiv Grotesk for a closer match on the numbers, but it’s just not ‘square’ enough and again lacks round tittles, etc.

UPDATE: Apple did indeed create their own typeface for the font: http://www.apple.com/watch/technology/#familiar

We even developed a new typeface to maximize legibility.

Source : Link , Question Author : Brendan , Answer Author : Jason Hibbs

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