What font is “Lunar XChange” on khronos.org

I ran across a font at this link (https://www.khronos.org/vulkan/) about half way down the page for the “Lunar G” product that says “Lunar XChange”. I immediately went to all the popular font identification tools (WhatTheFont!, Identifont, What Font is), and haven’t found a match. One distinctive feature that sticks out for this typeface is the lack of crossbar on the “A” character, though I suppose it’s possible that it was removed from the font for the purposes of this logo. Other than that, it’s you’re typical geometric sans-serif typeface.

"Lunar XChange" font in question


The closest I could find is Contax, which you can find here. Contax also features a Pro version, with a lot more widths and versions. The open R is almost the same, and the other letters are close. Only the G is significantly different.


Other similar fonts:

Bague Sans

  • Rams: On second thought, maybe this one is even closer than Contax.


  • Anacharsis: Pretty close too, but the U tells us it isn’t the one.


  • Century Gothic: The shorter stock on the L is closer, but still the G is different.

Century Gothic

  • Mesmerize: Also is a failry good match. Extra perk: it’s free!


Source : Link , Question Author : John Louderback , Answer Author : PieBie

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